Plan the right outfit for your Engagement Photos

Your engagement photos are the first step in your wedding adventure. These are the photos used to announce and celebrate your engagement and they are just as important as the photos on your wedding day. You’ll use them for your “Save The Dates”, wedding website, and they’ll be hanging on your walls at home. You want to look amazing during your engagement session so instead of worrying and stressing about what to wear, I’ve created this guide to help you and your fiancé’s plan the outfits!

There are two categories you can choose from: Comfy & Casual or Bold & Elegant.

Cute & Casual

  • For the future bride, I love when they wear pastel colored sundresses that coordinate with the location. If you’re taking photos out in a field during golden hour, natural pastels look beautiful. Peach, beige, and celeste are great options. If you’re shooting in a city environment, maybe a gray or auburn tone.
  • As far as comfy & casual, men look great in some dark denim paired with a neutral sweater or button down. A casual, no-tuck, white or gray button down will pair nicely with the natural tones of the woman's sundress.

Bold & Elegant

  • Nothing says elegant like a bold, deep red gown. I love when the future bride gets to dress up a little and wear a nice dress that stands out in photos. Choosing a bold color will really make a lasting and impressive photo. Add some accent jewelry and natural-tone make-up and you have the ingredients for an amazing engagement outfit.
  • For men, I like some darker dress slacks with a nice white button down. Paired with a brown belt and shoes and these look amazing next to a bold dress. You can also have some fun with a tie or suspenders that match the accents of the woman.

  • It’s also fun to add some accent jewelry that can tie into your fiance’s outfit. Matching accessories always make for great detail shots. Whether it’s a bracelet that matches a watch, or a belt that matches a hat, this subtle detail will make a big difference in the photos. As long as it doesn't distract from the composition as a whole.

With these simple tips, it won’t be hard to create some beautiful engagement photos!

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