What's the Hype with Bridal Portraits?

If you’re new to South Carolina, or the south in general, you might not understand the hype around bridal portraits. It’s a fairly traditional idea where a bride will schedule a separate portrait session with their photographer that is centered on them. Typically, this separate session takes place 3-4 months before the wedding and the photos are printed and displayed in all their glory during the reception after the wedding ceremony. Here’s a few reasons why bridals are so important and why you should consider them!

Fine Tune Your Wedding Day Look

If you’re like most brides, your hair was probably tied up in a messy bun during the fitting of your dress. I always recommend bridal portraits for this reason: it gives you a chance to do a full test run with hair and makeup while also wearing your dress! The bridal photos will give you an excellent opportunity to see how everything will look on your wedding day. It also gives you a chance to tweak things with your hair and makeup stylists if needed. With that being said, book your bridal session for a date that works with your stylists so they can make sure to note what they do.

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Get Comfortable in Front of The Camera

Another reason I do engagement sessions with couples first, is so they get a chance to see how I interact with them through the camera. I want my couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera and a bridal session gives you that chance! The best photos are taken when you can relax and feel at ease while the camera is on you. Your bridal session will give you another chance to work with your photographer and understand how they guide and direct you.

More Pictures, who doesn’t love that!?

I make it a point to capture extra special portraits of my brides on their wedding day, but a bridal session is an opportunity to ensure all my attention is on you! You’ll get jaw-dropping photos in a different location other than your wedding venue that will have more of an editorial/modeling vibe and they’ll look amazing! This is your chance to become a Vogue Model and I am here for it!

Bonus Tip: bring your wedding shoes to your bridal session so you’ll know how they look and can get used to moving around in them!

If you’re interested in a bridal session for your wedding, reach out to me here! Let’s talk.

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