It's always an adventure!

I’ve always known weather in the mountains can change at a moment’s notice, but now I actually have the experience of witnessing it! I had been dreaming of shooting at this specific location on the Blue Ridge Parkway but I needed the perfect couple. Cue Allie & Josh!

I actually met Allie before because she worked with my fiancé and then we reconnected over a video call and I knew we had to shoot an engagement session together! Her and Josh have such a fun and playful relationship and I loved hanging out with them for this wild and crazy session.

So to start off, we scheduled this engagement session on a Saturday. I noticed the weather was going to be questionable but it looked OK that morning. There was a gap in the clouds (according to the radar) so we should have been fine! NOPE! I drive all the way up the mountain (to no cell service, mind you) and I’m literally in a cloud! It was so foggy and rainy that there was no way we could’ve taken photos. And I felt so bad for Allie and Josh that I made them drive 2 hours for nothing! They were so nice and let me know they had the next Saturday available so we immediately rescheduled while we were at the location for the following week.

Fast forward one week and I’m starting my 2 hour journey to the location. Weather is looking much better besides a few clouds here and there but it was going to work! I complete the drive and when I arrive at the location I find that the gate is locked! Apparently, because there had been so much rain in the week there were bad landslides and a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed! Can you believe that!? LANDSLIDES!?!?

I was freaking out because I had no way to notify Allie and Josh (no cell service, remember?) and I didn’t know where they were going to be because we came in different ways! I made the decision to drive all the way down the mountain to get cell service and was able to contact them. We made impromptu plans to meet at the same place and then I decided we were just going to drive down the parkway to find a location.

Once we were able to meet up, things got a lot better. I was so thankful to Allie & Josh for being so spontaneous and fun and I believe we got some amazing shots! It was a rollercoaster of emotions during the session but we honestly had so much fun!