Fun and Fabulous

Sarah and Corey are a couple to remember. My work day started with entering Sarah's hotel room as she was doing hair and make up. I started setting up my equipment and quickly understood the humorous dynamic between Sarah and her friends. I immediately respected her "go for it" and "let's f***king do it" attitude and adapted that mentality to my photography. I intentionally put myself in a situation to capture those moments of spontaneity and adventurism that her aura reflected. I took a few portraits of Corey and immediately understood why he was a strength and conditioning coach for some big universities. His last name is Minnie, but there is nothing "mini" about him. Corey is a big guy that you can imagine gives a great big bear hug to those he loves. It was so exciting and refreshing to see that he had a true love with Sarah. She truly felt safe in his embrace and I had a mission to capture that in a photo. These two beautiful humans were amazing to work with and I can confidently say they are one of my favorite weddings that I've ever shot.