How to Look Your Best in Front of The Camera

For someone who has no modeling experience, posing in front of a camera can seem like a nightmare. There is so much pressure to look photogenic that people will try too hard and achieve the opposite goal. So how can a bride and groom look elegant and graceful in their wedding photos? Don’t try!

That’s right. You need to make yourself the most relaxed and comfortable version of yourself. My job as a photographer is to capture those moments when you don’t even realize a camera is around. The best photos turn out to be the ones that are candid moments that were caught spontaneously.

As a bride and groom, here are some tips to remember that will help you look and feel beautiful in front of a camera.

Don’t feel pressure to look at the camera.

I want to capture genuine and authentic moments of your relationship and bond. This happens when the couple is laughing and talking together. You can look each other in the eyes and talk about what’s for dinner after the session. Complimenting each other is also a great way to capture that love. I like to give my couples fun prompts like “tell each other a small detail about the other that you find attractive” or “whisper your favorite vegetable in a sexy voice in their ear.” These simple ideas get your brain thinking about something fun instead of the fact that a camera is on you.

Practice your soft smile.

Now this might take a little looking in the mirror to get right but it is worth the effort! We want to capture a relaxed and comfortable appearance without it looking too relaxed. I like to tell my couples to soft smile and look at the camera or look around at their surroundings. This helps capture that elegant grace in your portraits and they will turn out even more amazing. For a soft smile, it’s almost as if you’re admiring your partner without them knowing. Think “Wow! How did I get so lucky with this one?” That’s the mood I want to capture!

Other tips as far as body positioning and angles will be directed and changed during a photo session, but these tips are more of a mental note to remember to help you look your best!

Taking photos is easy. There should be no reason to stress about it because that stress will show on camera! So, take a deep breath, have fun, and enjoy your loved one!

It also helps using the same photographer for your engagement sessions and your wedding day. This helps break the ice and build a relationship that you can trust and feel comfortable with. (I have written another article on this topic.)

So remember: feel comfortable and relaxed, look comfortable and relaxed! The rest will fall into place during the session and it will look beautiful.