Welcome to The Cosmic Club!

If you’re reading this, you’ve just made your life much easier.

Thank you for supporting Satirn Presets and transforming your photos into ethereal visuals!

Here is a complete guide to help you make the most of your new photo presets.

Step 1: Download and Install

So you purchased Satirn Presets, now what?

You should’ve received an email containing the digital files in a .zip format. You’ll have to open this .zip folder and download them onto your computer. Most people save the files to their Documents folder so they can easily find them later. You will need to locate this folder when you install the presets into your Lightroom Program. Once downloaded, you may launch Adobe Lightroom.

From the Menu bar, choose File > Import Profiles & Presets. Once the Import Dialog appears, browse to the appropriate path and choose “Satirn Presets.” Choose Import and Lightroom will begin to process and import the presets.

Step 2. Learning to Make the Presets Yours

Just like with any other presets you may find, Satirn Presets will need to be tweaked and altered slightly to fit your photos specifically. This is common in the Temperature and Exposure settings. For most images, you will have to adjust these settings to find the perfect image for you. This is common, but with Satirn Presets, we tried to deliver a product that required the least amount of altering possible. We hope that you find these presets ready to use after one click.

Step 3. Technical Tips for Shooting

This is a personal message from the creator of Satirn Presets, Nolan Sritan:

“Thank you so much for supporting me and purchasing Satirn Presets. For those of you that like fun facts, Satirn is my last name with the letters just mixed around!

I created Satirn Presets for photographers and creatives that want more time in their hands. We all know that editing takes up a bulk of our production process and I wanted to change that so we can spend more time doing things we love to do. 

As a photographer myself, I’ve learned that underexposing my shots and preserving the highlights in my images works best for my editing style.

For Satirn Presets, I recommend the same. These presets will be easiest to use if you shoot 0 to -`1 on your exposure meter and keep your temperature as close to natural as possible in camera. If you practice these technical tips as you’re shooting, you’ll find that Satirn Presets will do the rest for you!

It is my wish that you rediscover the time you lost during editing and make the most of the short lives that we live!

“Ride The Rings” and use Satirn Presets!”

Step 4. Exporting for Your Business

This last tip is a bonus tip for your SEO performance on Google!

After you’ve nailed down the perfect, dreamy edit for your photos, it will be time to export the files for your gallery. For the best SEO performance, you will want to name your files with SEO in mind. For example, instead of naming your files “xyz-photography-john-sarah-engagement” you will want to utilize the keywords of Google and name your files “location-style-engagement-photography”. Not only will this improve your SEO on your website, but your photos themselves will carry much more weight on the internet! This is an invaluable tool that I’ve used for the past few years that I’m happy to share with you!