Captivate with Your Eyes

Have you ever noticed a portrait where the model has a captivating look in her eyes? It’s like he or she is staring into your soul and you feel a true connection with that person? This is a technique that models are trained to perform to capture amazing and high-quality portraits.

But if you’re not a model, how can you achieve this same look in your own eyes? This is an important tool to use if you’re a future bride to help you get those amazing portraits!

In order to achieve this captivating look, we have to activate the “parietal lobe” in our brain. This area of our brain is triggered when we have to focus on our environment. It makes us think about temperature, touch, taste, and the space around us. It also gives this “pensive” or “focused” look in our faces. This is what creates those beautiful portraits.

In order to help my models or brides achieve this look, I ask them to focus on different things around them. I make them pay EXTREMELY close attention to the movement of the lens in my camera. If I’m working with a couple, I’ll have one person touch the other, and then that person has to focus on where they are being touched. The parietal lobe is in the top-back portion of the head, so I’ll ask the man to hold that area of the girl’s head, and ask her to focus on that sensation of feeling his hand.

These are a few and simple ways to trigger the parietal lobe and as a result, your eyes will SPARKLE.