How To F*cking Pose (like a couple in love)

One of the most prominent concerns I hear from couples is “we don’t know how to pose.” We can all agree that posing in front of a camera can be daunting and uncomfortable. Unless you’ve graced magazine covers or strutted on the catwalk, you probably don’t know what to do with your body to make your photos look epic. 

Lucky for you, I’ve created this posing article after years of capturing stunning images and placing my couples in beautiful and intimate poses.

I call it the "turn-wheel" theory. It’s simple and organic and each pose flows seamlessly into the next. Here’s what I mean: 

Pose 1: Face to Face

face to face posing ideas

Some of the most candid photos come from this face to face pose. Why? Because it's a little bit awkward. You stare at each other and either laugh, go in for a kiss, or smile because y'all are so hot. Who wouldn't love this pose when you think of it like that!?

Pose 2: Shoulder to Shoulder

shoulder to shoulder posing ideas

There is a lot of variation to this pose. As a photographer, I can get super close for some nice detail shots, or get far away to really capture the scene and environment. I love this pose because it works well with the couple not smiling and I get to capture those more serious, intentional shots.

Pose 3: Back to Back

back to back posing idea

Back to Back poses are super fun for me. We capture epic and creative shots of y'all that look simply amazing. These poses offer a lot of composition options for me as well.

Pose 4: Back to Front

back to front posing ideas

The final rotation of the "turn-wheel" posing method is Back to Front. This pose invites some extremely intimate and emotional moments to be captured. I love using this pose to let y'all just take a deep breath and enjoy the embrace of each other.

Each pose can be altered by the couple looking at different places. I direct my couples to look at each other, look down towards each other, look opposite directions, etc. There are SO many variations of each pose just by changing angle and direction that my couples are looking.

Here's a few more examples for you:

shoulder to shoulder posing ideas

Shoulder to Shoulder, looking away

back to front posing ideas

Back to Front, sitting

face to face posing ideas

Face to Face, serious