Wear what you feel sexy in

That's the main takeaway from this post. I've taken hundreds of engagement session photos and I've seen people wear everything from sweatpants to a ball gown dresses. At the end of the day, there are too many options for outfit ideas and it really comes down to what you feel your best in. Or sexiest!

(for me, I feel sexy in my sweat shorts and a tank top.)

However, there are a few tips I would give you to help you make that decision:

engagement outfit ideas

Match the Vibe

If you're going for a comfy and moody vibe, maybe jeans and sweaters will look amazing (actually, I know they will.) But if you're going for confident and powerful, then that stunning dress and black-tie suit will be perfect! It really depends on how you want to feel for the session.

powerful engagement outfit ideas
outdoorsy engagement outfit ideas

Match the Environment

This ties in with the tip above, but you also want your outfits to match the environment of your photos. I love it when couples look comfortable in their favorite environments. You wouldn't wear a ballgown to go hiking in the mountains so it doesn't make sense to wear that for your engagement photos. If you're planning on doing a nature-y location for the session, denim and sweaters or some simple shirts will make you look and feel amazing. Keep your environment and location in mind when choosing your outfits!

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greenville sc engagement photos ideas

Make sure you feel sexy!

If you want to look sexy and beautiful in your photos, why wouldn't you wear clothes that make you feel that way! Everyone has their favorite style or pair of jeans that make that booty look *just right* so that's exactly what you should wear for your engagement photos! At the end of the day, I want my couples to look back at the photos and see the best and most confident versions of themselves. So wear whatever clothes make you feel that way. You'll thank me later for not overthinking it!

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