Joelah initially reached out to me via my website. She inquired about needing a photographer for her small micro wedding in the front yard of her in-laws. I didn't have anything scheduled so I jumped on the opportunity to capture yet another wedding. We set up a FaceTime call to get to know each other better and I believe we couldn't have clicked better! We connected over the fact of both being Asian, and I could feel the good vibes flowing through the phone. Joelah has a special and comforting aura that I connected so well with so I was eager to work with her!

I met Fred briefly as I took some portraits of him but I could tell he was the sturdy rock that Joelah leaned on. His confidence and stature expressed how he was ready to take on the roll of husband. The bridal party got ready at an AirBnB and then we were off to Fred's parents' house for the ceremony. It was a beautiful setting. Joelah's dad built the backdrops for the ceremony and I absolutely loved them.

After the ceremony, we moved into family portraits and while food was getting set up, I was able to get some special portraits of just Fred & Joelah. These photos were amazing and I'm so glad we got some time to take them.

They had a mixture of Filipino and Micronesian food and it was AMAZING! Growing up with Thai family I was taken aback with the food and remembered it was similar to how my grandma used to cook. The food was great but the dancing was even better! Little did I know before this reception, Filipino women like to PARTAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Congratulations to Fred & Joelah! Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding and I couldn't have asked for a better couple to work with. Your souls bring peace to those around you and may you have the happiest of days in your marriage. Until next time, friends.