Make Your Wedding Look & Feel Amazing

Weddings are stressful! It is a full day of running around and making sure all the small details aren’t missed. It is easy for brides to get caught up in the madness and have their day ruined by someone who forgot to put batteries in the light candles on the table centerpieces. These small details that cause stress to the bride will certainly show on camera and can turn a beautiful day into something disastrous. This is why I’ve created a list of tips that will help you have the most beautiful wedding!

1.    Forget the Camera

If a bride is focused on the camera and where/what the photographer is doing: she will become worried that her photos won’t turn out like she expected. It is vital that a bride hires a photographer that she trusts and lets him/her do what they know to do. A photographer wants nothing more than to provide beautiful images of the wedding and that is only possible if a bride is relaxed and at ease.

2.    Work with a Planner You TRUST

The relationship between a bride and her planner must be built on solid ground. I’ve seen countless brides doing things that a planner should be taking care of because the planner wasn’t capable. This completely distracts the bride from being focused on enjoying her day. Your wedding planner should be the combination of your best friend and your most reliable attendant. If you have a planner that you know will take care of every little detail, you can sit back and focus on your loved one and sharing the day with them.

3.    Focus on The Moments

Be intentional with the moments that are important to you. I’ve seen brides get lost in the noise of people and they forget to share a moment with their childhood best friend or forget to take a shot with their coworkers. You can create an entire roll of memories when all of these special moments are put together, so it is important to make them a priority and enjoy it when it’s happening. The wedding day will be a blur so make sure that these moments don’t get passed by.

4.    Surround Yourself with Positive People

Negative energy is draining on anyone. Especially someone who is preparing themselves for one of the most important days of their life. It is extremely important for you as a bride to surround yourself with nothing but supportive and positive minds.

5.    Take a Breath

It’s easy to get disoriented and stressed with the rush of your wedding day. You have everyone asking you questions and coming to you because something went wrong. But it is key to remember that this is your day to enjoy and relish. Do not hesitate to take a step back from the madness and take a deep breath! This wedding is about you and your love for your fiancé. Breath deep and remember that.

As your photographer, it is my goal to make you feel beautiful and by giving you these tips I know it will take a little stress off the day and make your wedding that much more amazing.