This is the #1 Wedding Guest Complaint

Can you guess what the #1 biggest wedding guest complaint is?


Many guests become impatient and annoyed when there is an awkward waiting period between the ceremony and the reception. During this time, you (as the bride and groom) are busy taking family photos and your own portraits to realize that all of your wedding guests are just waiting for the reception festivities to begin. So how do we solve this problem?

It's a simple solution that will ensure your wedding is an enjoyable event! It only requires a thoughtful timeline that I can help you build!

Immediately after the ceremony, your officiant will DIRECT your guests to move to the reception area and begin a cocktail/horderves hour. This is the key to making sure your reception doesn't turn into one of those awkward teenage parties. A professional DJ also helps to play some good music to get everyone loosened up and mingling around.

As long as there is clear direction and an enjoyable atmosphere, your guests will be happy they came! Your wedding will be a celebration of you and your spouse, and your guests will be so glad they were there to celebrate with you!